Fly away to a serene coast at sunset with this uplifting classic

 Step 1: The Song Introduction

By Ben E. King. Arr. Alexander L’Estrange

“I could sit here and tell you story after story after story after story of people coming to me and telling me about this song and how it carried them… I was the one to sing it and I put it to paper. But it has something else that goes with that from the heart, and that I have no control over, it’s something beyond me.” – Ben E. King

Inspired by an early gospel hymn, ‘Lord Stand By Me’, singer songwriter Ben E. King famously wrote one of the greatest chart-toppers in history in his bedroom on a cheap guitar. For over half a century since its release, with its iconic 1950s New York baseline and its deeply emotional lyrics, ‘Stand By Me’ has inspired over 400 covers and continues to touch people’s hearts.

 Your Lost In Song experience includes a lone lighthouse stood at the end of the land, the waves crashing around its rocks below. This beautiful white pillar symbolises the strength we find in those around us in challenging times – many times unexpectedly – offering us their unending love, support and guidance.

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Step 3: The Immersive Song

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