Let the power of song take you up, up and away on a snowy day – to see the earth rise

Singing optional!

 Step 1: The Song Introduction

Earthrise III, by Alec Roth


“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth.” – Neil Armstrong. 

This song is a little different to the others on Lost in Song. It is a beautiful choral song in Latin, and is designed to be a powerful experience regardless of whether you choose to sing or hum along. We offer a singing and non-singing option. We also recommend you experience this several times as there are many layers of this piece of music to discover.

Composed in 2009, ‘Earthrise’ celebrates the moon landing of 1969 and reflects on man’s changing and evolving relationship with our planet. It was inspired by the famous picture of the Earth rising above the surface of the Moon, taken aboard Apollo 8, as well as the writings of astronauts.

‘Earthrise’ was written for contrasting choirs to create simple spine-tingling harmonies. The highly emotive unison melody creates the feeling of floating in space and supports the innate message carried in Roth’s piece: of the wealth and precious wisdom gained by the astronauts who went in search of the moon, and instead discovered the earth.

Throughout this piece, we journey with you through winter landscapes and visions from space that we hope will give you a fresh perspective on our precious planet Earth.

“Can there have been any more inspiring vision this century than that of the Earth from space? We saw for the first time what a gem of a planet we live on.” – James Lovelock

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