Raising the nation’s spirits through nature, immersion and song

2020 first edition: prototype open to the public

Throughout history, humans have turned to song as a way of lifting their spirits in times of challenge. Lost In Song invites you on a joyful choral immersion to experience exactly this – in a time when we need it most. 

This 360 video experience is designed for internet-connected PCs and laptops. 360 video allows you to see all around you in 360 degrees, using your keyboard to navigate. 

Join us in singing well-loved songs in scenery inspired by the beautiful British countryside and coast, with warm and welcoming members of one of the UK’s leading choirs, Ex Cathedra.

Lost in Song is made by Limina Immersive, with Ex Cathedra and NHS Arden & GEM CSU. This project is at public prototype phase and has been made possible through the support of Innovate UK. 

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